Inventory Management ERP

7 key benefits of inventory management in ERP

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An inventory management solution enables businesses to identify which stock to order, when and in what quantities. Effectively managing inventory is crucial, it affects every aspect of a business – from...

Sustainable production ERP

How ERP system supports sustainable production

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Nobody can ignore the impact of climate change anymore and manufacturers of all sizes can contribute to the fight against climate change. More importantly, action taken to create sustainable production...

Financial services people calculator paperwork on desk

7 Reasons Sage’s BI tool – Sage Enterprise Intelligence stands out from the crowd

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In today’s highly competitive and evolved business environment, businesses require proactive, indicative business metrics. A powerful business intelligence (BI) tool will provide invaluable and complete...

Adopting circular economy in the food industry

Adopting a circular economy model in the food and beverage industry

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In a resource-constrained world, there is a noticeable trend of organisations opting into the circular economy model. A recent Sage report cites that nearly 75% of food and beverage distributors have noted...

what is Sage ERP - FAQ

What is Sage ERP?

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Sage has multiple financial and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products in its portfolio. Sage has such a powerful brand name that many Sage 50, 200 or even Sage X3 customers refer to the finance or...

Sage X3 can help to adopt circular economy

Accelerating the adoption of a circular economy in the food and beverage industry with Sage X3

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Without a strong operational foundation, your business may struggle to achieve optimal results in your initiative to support a circular economy. The right cross-functional digital platform that can help...

ERP solutions for manufacturing

ERP solutions for manufacturing: How to find the right one for your organisation

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Global supply chain disruption, rapid technological evolution and changing buying and selling habits have meant that manufacturers have had to deal with some rapid and radical changes over the past few...

What is Sage X3?

What is Sage X3?

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FAQs on Sage’s enterprise ERP - Sage X3 Sage X3 is Sage’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for medium to large businesses and is particularly suited to manufacturers and distributors. In...

Sage X3 support partner

Inixion – Your Sage X3 support partner for the future

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Sage X3 support partner - In our last article – 4 Key considerations when selecting a Sage X3 support partner – we discussed some of the key reasons businesses switch Sage X3 partners and what you...

Change your Sage X3 support partner

4 Key considerations when selecting a Sage X3 support partner

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Businesses must ensure they are choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but that’s not the only thing to consider — it’s also essential to find the right partner to implement,...

Sage Summit 2023

Game on – Inixion’s top picks from the Sage Partner Summit 2023

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The Sage Partner Summit is one of the most anticipated events on the Sage calendar. Sage hosts an annual gathering designed exclusively for global partners to share innovative updates and intuitive solutions...

ERP for circular economy in the food industry

ERP: A vital ingredient for a circular economy model in the food industry

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A traditional linear economy is where you produce, consume and throw away. Moving to a circular economy is all about creating a ‘circle’ where you design out waste and pollution by keeping products...