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Inixion recently provided a workshop for their customers on Sage X3 version 6.5. The workshop offered an interactive forum for our customers to learn about the latest version of Sage X3, Version 11, and the implications of “upgrading”. We asked Crispin Payne, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development from Displaydata to write this guest blog with his feedback from a customer’s perspective on this event.

An opportune invitation

Displaydata has been using Sage X3 Version 6.5 since we first went live in 2015. We’re aware that Sage has released newer versions of Sage X3, and that there may be implications for future support on the version we’re using. Displaydata has experienced substantial growth and change since the original installation of Sage X3 so the invitation to attend this workshop came at an opportune moment; as we have been exploring how we can make more use of Sage X3 for our company.

Just information, no sales pitch

Throughout our dealings with Inixion we’ve always been impressed by their consultative approach and this was demonstrated again by their open and frank approach at this forum.

At the start Greg Hackney, Inixion Sales Director, took down the issues and objectives for the event from all customer attendees, which he then referenced back to at the end of the day. With a number of different businesses and people from different departments in the room, there were various objectives at the start, but all of them had been answered by the end of the day. Greg and Ian Bromley, Inixion’s Managing Director, obviously know their customers and each Sage X3 installation well, as they tailored answers to each customer’s situation.

It was clearly Inixion’s objective to ensure that their customers were well-informed about their options. Whether customers would decide to upgrade to the latest version or decide to stay on the existing version, with its attendant risks, Inixion’s team just wanted to enable their customers to make a decision that would be appropriate for their business. It was quite refreshing to be at a supplier event that wasn’t a sales pitch.

Food for thought

The day wasn’t just a “show and tell” of the latest version of the software. Ian Bromley presented Inixion’s upgrade or rather migration process from Sage X3 Version 6.5 to Version 11, with ballpark timelines, stages, etc.

Similarly, Greg didn’t hesitate to answer any questions about commercials; including licence implications and approximate resource requirements for the migration project. These project estimates were supported by examples of other customers who had already migrated. Understanding the issues that other customers had faced during the process and the implications of cost and time has given us food for thought.

Inixion and Sage X3 going forward

As a manufacturer and supplier of Electronic Shelf Labels our focus is currently on growth, which would make it difficult to invest time and resource in a migration project. However, as a growing company there is also the need to make Sage X3 work hard for us to support that growth.

We have been exploring our options with Sage X3 and need to balance the benefits of migrating to the latest version with the disadvantages of freeing up valuable internal resources. To date Inixion has been working in partnership with us to make Sage X3 perform at its best for our business and we are confident that they will continue to do so, whether we choose to upgrade or stay with our current version.