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Sage Enterprise Management: Avon Rubber customer story

“Inixion, a Sage Strategic Partner specialising solely in Sage Enterprise Management, have more than justified our partner choice on more than one occasion; enabling Avon to gain the best from Sage Enterprise Management.”

Mike DePasquale, Avon Rubber

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Let us help assess your needs:

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Avon Rubber has a history stretching back to 1885, manufacturing rubber-based products for a diverse set of customers ranging from the armed forces, emergency services and the dairy and farming market, among others. Avon Protection is a global market leader in advanced chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) respiratory protection systems. Avon also has a world-leading dairy business, its Milkrite brand, serving the milking industry.

With a strong emphasis on research and development, Avon Rubber designs, tests and manufactures specialist products from a number of sites in the US and UK and further afield, with a very distributed workforce, serving markets around the world.

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The story so far:


Avon Rubber was utilising eight separate reporting applications to gather, analyse, and distribute its business data. Staff struggled to learn and to use the applications, thereby placing a substantial burden on the company’s resources. Employees were deprived of quick access to the data they needed to perform their tasks, and management to the data to make better, more informed business decisions.

“The conclusion of our selection process and the implementation of Sage Enterprise Management, formerly known as Sage X3, kicks off one of the most important projects for Avon in this financial year and beyond; to consolidate and centralise our management systems. Inixion demonstrated unrivalled expertise with Sage Enterprise Management coupled with a unique and deep understanding of our business requirements and we are confident the project will be transformative for our business as we continue to accelerate our footprint worldwide.”

Peter Slabbert, CEO, Avon Rubber p.l.c.

The journey

“We were looking for a package that allowed us to implement a solution with one set of controls and processes that would work across some very different businesses, seamlessly and a partner who understood complex businesses such as Avon and had above average competence with the package we selected. Sage Enterprise Management, delivered by our global partner Inixion, satisfied both of these key requirements with Sage Enterprise Management giving the package depth, breath and flexibility we required; even allowing us to personalise for our very specialist needs, such as where we have strict import/export controls on militarily sensitive products. Inixion, a Sage Strategic Partner specialising solely in Sage Enterprise Management, have more than justified our partner choice on more than one occasion; enabling Avon to gain the best from Sage Enterprise Management, challenging our processes to take advantage of other features and industry best practices and working successfully with all of our team, from shop floor to Senior Management.”

Mike DePasquale, Group Enterprise Systems Manager, Avon Rubber p.l.c.


Sage Enterprise Management, formerly known as Sage X3, is hard at work in every business unit and every department of Avon Rubber. The Financial Director uses it to view inventory holdings across all locations and receivables from both a group and a corporate level.

Avon Rubber’s employees learnt to use Sage Enterprise Management and Sage Enterprise Intelligence quickly. This now enables them to gather the data they need as they perform their jobs.


The solution paid for itself immediately through the reduced demand on IT personnel. Data is accessible anywhere, anytime. Even disparate data can be brought together and shared across the enterprise quickly and easily.